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In 2020, floods caused approximately a record breaking $151 billion U.S. dollars worth of property and crop damage across the United States. Coastal areas such as Florida will only experience increased flooding due to King tides when every 14 days the Moon and Sun line up to push seawater up the storm drains leaving streets with a foot or more underwater on sunny days with no rain in sight. It will only get worse as the ice continues melting glaciers at both poles rising the ocean even 1.5 to 2 feet by 2050. With temperatures rising water heats, expands and rises into larger powerful storms creating massive more frequent hurricanes, tornados, flash floods, and even severe winter snowstorms. This will make for a challenging effort on everyone's part to adapt to the coming disasters.


There are proven plans, products, and services you can implement to avoid catastrophic loss of life and property. Whole Earth Tools believes obtaining information first will determine your unique plan to prepare for flooding of your home and property. Begin by understanding the facts provided in the ELEVATE section by following this link. First click on the house below to see Flood Viewer danger zones.

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