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Every year in the US, tornadoes do about $400 million dollars in damage and kill about 70 people on average. The 2017 total was the highest since 2011, when there were 1,691 tornadoes, including two spring events that resulted in more than $14 billion in losses when they occurred. There were 10 direct fatalities from tornadoes in 2018, compared with 35 in 2017, according to NOAA. May was the top month for tornadoes in 2018, with 155 twisters. The United States experiences more tornadoes than any other country. Certain building practices could help to mitigate damage from weaker tornadoes to permanent homes. Securely fastening the roof of the building to the walls and securing the walls to the foundations may help reduce damage to structures especially from lower-rated tornadoes. In some participating states, money is available from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for households to build a storm shelter. FEMA has estimated the cost of constructing a safe home inside a new home/small business at somewhere between $6,500 and $8,500. Check out the PROPERTY section at this STORMPROOF link.

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